8 Trade Show News Tips

Fri, 15 Oct 2010 11:24:41 -0500

There are many major shows coming in the next few months, such as CES, CTIA and Toy Fair…to name a few.

At any trade show, time is compressed, the expectations are high, you're constantly on stage meeting strangers and when you get back, you have to follow-up with leads as well as do your regular work. The most successful exhibitors prepare an effective total plan for their show marketing strategy.

As an exhibitor you can just waste time, money and resources or you can produce a good return on your investment.

  • Ask the show organizers for the pre-registered media list. This is a list of journalists planning to attend the event. The list will have contact information and enable you to contact members of the media to schedule appointments and distribute press releases.  This list will change up to the day of the show so stay in contact with the event organizer and get the updates on a regular basis.
  • Considering an online press kit? It is recommended to post corporate and product backgrounders and recent announcements as soon as possible to insure that the media has access to key information. 

To maximize your news exposure, remember to include the following information on your trade show news. This is information that is often left off releases but frequently sought after by journalists and other key constituents.

  • The name of the show you are exhibiting at. (One of the three most important pieces of information on a trade show related release.)
  • Your booth number. Journalists and others use this reference to map out in-person visits.
  • A contact number at the show. Journalists often need quick access to an on-site spokesperson or expert when filing a story.
  • Links to your Web site or specific links to product info.
  • Logos, product shot visuals. A picture says a thousand words. Photos and logos provide much needed graphic elements for journalists while making your news stand out from the pack.

Karen Reynolds, Business Wire

Publicity Club Treasurer

Regional Manager, Business Wire Boston