An Evening with PR Measurement Pioneer Katie Delahaye Paine

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What’s New in 2016 PR Metrics: A Night with the Pioneer of PR + Social Media Measurement: Katie Delahaye Paine

Katie Paine

Katie Paine

Remember December? That pressure-cooker month of data churning, results crunching and metrics mania, all in the name of quantifying the value and impact of you work? Whether for last year’s recap or this year’s plan, clients and bosses expect us to know measurement, speak measurement, and best of all… to expertly teach them about measurement. It’s no longer an optional capability. It is mandatory for all levels of public relations practitioners— even elevated to its own hashtag and weekly social chat: #measurepr.

On January 26th we offer the rare opportunity to hear from our profession’s respected measurement architect, a prolific subject author, researcher and veteran PR measurement consultant, Katie Delahaye Paine. Who better to bring us into 2016 with actionable PR measurement advice than the pioneer of this very discipline who is credited with helping marketers and their agencies take command of quantifying and analyzing the ROI of their public relations efforts?  Katie Paine has been a leading advocate for defining high measurement standards in the PR and social media fields. She founded The Conclave, providing a platform from which new social media measurement standards have been developed and released.

What are those standards and how are they changing? Does sentiment data matter as much as other statistics? How do I directly tie sales to PR? Are there metrics that are superfluous? Katie is critical of annual measurement reports—why? Beyond Google Analytics, what tools will affordably assist with evaluating PR’s impact?

These questions, among others that you bring in-person or send via email, will guide this timely floor chat led by longtime technology PR agency chieftain, Christine Perkett, now CEO of SeeDepth, a PR analytics software platform. This program offers content for senior executives, PR faculty, and even their students. Taking two hours right after work is a smart investment that will inform every plan you write, every program you manage, every results report you create or review, and even the PR technology that you invest in this year.

Katie Paine has a following—and many of us have her books on our shelves or have downloaded her white papers. If you are trying to ferret the newest PR measurement technologies and media, or find navigating the avalanche of data at our fingertips to be overwhelming, this program is perfectly timed, occurring early in the programmatic year.

IMG_3989After you register, be sure to read what our speaker views as the seven measurement trends that defined 2015 and come ready to meet her! She’s very warm and welcoming, as is our program, to be co-hosted by PRSA Boston. Light refreshments throughout the evening will be served. Leave informed and enjoy the change to network with fellow New England-based PR and communications professionals.

Christine Perkett

Christine Perkett

Program: An Evening with PR Measurement Pioneer Katie Delahaye Paine (@queenofmetrics)
When: Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 6-8 p.m.
Interviewer: Christine Perkett (@missusP), CEO of SeeDepth (@SeeDepthInc)
Where: Bullhorn – 33 Farnsworth Street, 5th Floor Boston, MA
Hosts: Pub Club of New England (@pubclubne) and PRSA Boston (@prsaboston)
Sponsor:  SeeDepth and Bullhorn (@Bullhorn)
Pricing: $65 for Publicity Club or PRSA members; $80 for non-members; $20 for students

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