“Get to Know Your Board Members” Series: Ashley Waters, VP Marketing and PR


Where do you work and what is your title?

PAN Communications, Senior Account Executive

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What is your PR background?

Previously, I worked as an Account Executive at Racepoint Global. My client accounts at Racepoint included DataXu, Catalina, Marketwired, RallyPoint, and Linkable Networks. I was an Account Executive at Regan Communications Group prior to joining Racepoint, focusing on consumer and non-profit clients. Some of my past client experience includes New Balance, the Massachusetts Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, The Herb Chambers Companies, Boston Sports Clubs, and the American Liver Foundation. I’m originally from Philadelphia and graduated with a BA in Journalism and Communications Studies from Northeastern University in Boston.

What kind of industry/clients do you work with?

At PAN Communications I work in primarily the world of technology and consumer PR. In my current role I work with Tiffany & Co., MediaMath, ad:tech, HighGround, and LoopPay.

What do you do for the Pub Club?

My role is a new position added this year to the board, so it’s still evolving! As the Marketing and PR Vice President my primary goal is to increase awareness about the club in the community. When I describe what Pub Club is to people, they are always interested and seem to understand it right away. My priority is to not have to explain what it is in the future because people are already familiar with the Pub Club! Building awareness, getting new members interested, having local media become more involved, increasing attendance, and getting the word out about Pub Club is my top job for this year.

What are your top three favorite things about PR?

I love that PR gives you the ability to tell a creative story with every client. No two companies are the same, and it’s so fun to dive into what makes them different and showcase what makes them unique. I also love the people I work with in PR. At every agency I have been at, I’ve been lucky enough to work with passionate, interesting, hardworking, and fun colleagues. Finally, I love the excitement that comes with a job in PR. No two days are ever the same and I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the country for my clients.

Do you have a childhood moment when everyone knew you’d be a communications specialist?

Aside from being a gregarious, talkative, outgoing, and loud child in general? No particular memory specifically! However, people that knew me as a child were in no way shocked when they discovered I pursued a career in PR as an adult.

What is your top getaway destination?

I spent four months living in Italy while in college and I long to go back every year! Although it’s hard to beat spending time on the beaches of Punta Cana in the DR, which is where I went for my honeymoon.

If you could take a client to any restaurant in Boston where would you go?

Hands down my favorite restaurant in the city is Island Creek Oyster Bar. I love food in general and think Boston has some fantastic restaurants, but ICOB is the perfect location for clients or friends. They have the ideal mix of fresh seafood, creative dishes, fantastic local beers, a fun atmosphere, and a great location. You never leave disappointed!