U.S. College Hiring to Increase 11 Percent

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With college hiring outlooks drastically increasing*, there are more options for students now than there have been in years. This makes it vitally important for organizations to use all the tools they have in order to attract the best and brightest talent. One of the most commonly used tools continues to be job postings, but employers often struggle with knowing where to post.

The first place to post and update roles is your company website. While direct-to-company-site searches are the minority, the individuals visiting your site are the ones most strongly interested in your company and what it stands for. It is important that these individuals in particular can easily access current openings.

Through my role in university career services, I have found that aside from company sites students use a wide variety of job boards to find internships and entry-level roles. University job boards are important (and free) places to post in order to reach students and advising staff, but I would urge you not to stop there. LinkedIn is another go-to as it contains a student focused portal that reduces the need for students to click into job descriptions simply to find that they do not have the years of experience needed to apply.

The Monster and Indeed.coms of the world are often popular with students who are just starting off. These sites’ large budgets have allowed them to gain brand recognition, but many students find the sites to be overwhelming and hard to filter. Once they realize there are more easily personalized search options on other sites that allow them to see only the positions that are most applicable for them, students often move on.

Then there are the smaller, niche boards. Included in this are industry-specific sites as well as boards relating to specific professional organizations. Did you realize the Publicity Club has its own job bank? As a member, you are able to access this portion of the site as well as post your positions for no additional cost.

With the increasing supply of internships and entry-level roles, make sure that your job postings are in the right places. Go beyond just the paid job boards. Consider the types of students you are interested in. Take into consideration the universities and organizations they are a part of. Not only can posting through these options help alleviate your recruiting budget, it might just land you your next super star hire.


* Source: Job Outlook 2016, National Association of Colleges and Employers: http://www.naceweb.org/s10212015/job-outlook-2016-hiring-increases.aspx