Lessons Learned During First Year in the Working World

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Hello everyone! If I have not already introduced myself, I am the Pub Club intern assisting with social media and various projects that come my way.  I graduated from Boston University at the end of 2014 and have been helping Pub Club since September 2015.

As you all know first hand, PR requires a great deal of know-how. For the experienced, fielding calls for one client while scheduling social media posts for another while maybe finding some time for lunch is all in a day’s work.  For someone freshly stepping into the professional PR world, it all seemed overwhelmingly daunting.   I experienced a great deal during my first professional year. One year later, I reflect back on the most important lessons I learned:

  1. Say yes. I am a true believer in the power of reaching out and saying yes. There are so many opportunities out there as long as you are willing to pipe up and say something.
  2. Don’t force a direction. The best thing about PR is that there are multiple paths you can take. So if one does not work, try another.
  3. Networking is key. Start building your network up and keep expanding it because a valuable connection may stem from a good conversation.
  4. Ask questions. Ask as much as you can your first go around so that you have the know-how for the second.
  5. It will work out. Transitioning from student to professional is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort but it all pays off in the end.