Behind the Scenes of WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station

wbur logo

Bob Oakes’ familiar and steady voice echoes through countless Greater Boston homes, vehicles, and offices every morning thanks to WBUR’s broadcast of the popular news radio show Morning Edition. Morning Edition airs on more than 600 National Public Radio (NPR) stations across the United States, and around the globe on NPR’s international services. Each NPR member station has its own local host, and for many listeners in Greater Boston, Bob’s voice and Morning Edition are synonymous with the start of a new day.

As a self-proclaimed public radio nerd, I love starting my day this way and was thrilled when the Publicity Club decided to host tours of the WBUR station in Boston for Club members and non-members alike.

For fans of NPR and WBUR, the chance to see the inner workings of a bustling, award-winning radio news station is exciting. For public relations and communications professionals, the opportunity is not only fascinating, but also it offers unique perspectives to see how and when the various shows’ content is researched and put together – and how a client may be able to serve as a source or guest for a program.


During one of our tours, our host Deanna Archetto of WBUR marketing and membership confirmed that the station is open to PR pitches and ideas. “We’re always hungry for news-worthy pitches and feedback,” she said.

New and loyal listeners alike tune in to 90.9 FM, Boston’s NPR news station, to hear everything from breaking news to personal interviews with respected authors, actors, and newsmakers. From within the WBUR studio in Boston, four programs, in addition to Morning Edition, are produced and broadcasted nationally via NPR: Here & Now; On Point; Only a Game; and the Best of Car Talk.


While touring the studio, Here & Now host Robin Young stopped to say hello to our group and noted the symbiotic relationship between news stations and PR practitioners. On Here & Now, which is co-hosted by Jeremy Hobson, they give listeners both hard news and lively conversation with guests about culture, business, politics, and more. Having guests in the studio live is common at WBUR and makes for rich interviews and conversations.


Recently, WBUR has hosted Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, the executive director of the Charles River Watershed Association, and other prominent leaders in Greater Boston. You never know who you’ll run into while in the studio. Join us when we host another WBUR tour, and get a behind-the-scenes look at all the action, dedication, and talent that make WBUR an award-winning radio station.