A Shift of Scenery with Office Move in Boston

Managing an office relocation is a lofty challenge. It is nearly a full year invested to scout locations, negotiate terms and select vendors for absolutely everything, not to mention navigating the unusual permits, rules, unions and quirks of our beloved city of Boston.

Over the past year or two, many of our local PR firms have relocated to Boston. Whether they were previously out in the ‘burbs or just across the river in Cambridge, Boston has become home to more and more PR firms and the various neighborhoods offer diverse amenities and a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner.

My office is now poised to move after nearly 13 years in the same location. The journey to find a new home included dozens of locations scouted in and around the region. While it was tempting to jump to the ‘burbs with free parking lots and easy access to the highways, it became very clear that staying in the heart of the city was as important for our team culture as the colors on the walls.

As part of my job, I get to visit many PR firms, including those who have recently moved. I have seen first-hand how an office move had a positive influence on the vibe of a company. With this relocation project in full swing, I found myself distracted by their colors, textures, views, and furniture arrangements each time I entered a new space. Whether it was the Seaport with gorgeous water views, Back Bay with a thriving night life, or Downtown with rustic finishes, every appointment was a chance to see what was possible.

For someone who still counts 10th grade art as my only academic C-, I was pleasantly surprised how inspiring it was to learn more about the options and modern finishes available. The project changed from being a burden on my time to being what I most looked forward to each week. This was a chance to really show what kind of company we are (innovative!) and what we want to project to employees and customers (energy and success!). When we move in this coming July, it will be like starting at a new job.

This past week, Boston was in the national spotlight. As the trees along Storrow Drive blossomed before Patriots Day and accentuated the splendor of spring in New England, we saw our city for its beauty and enduring spirit. I’m so proud to have worked in Boston for 16 years and while I’ll be moving just a few blocks away and 23 stories up, I’m excited to join the many other firms in the region who invested the time and effort to start anew with a fresh location, view (of the Zakim bridge AND Fenway on the opposite side), and perspective of this amazing city. And of course…we still have a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner!

Karen Reynolds (@legallo) is Regional Manager at BusinessWire Boston.

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