Where Were You?

“Where were you?” It’s a simple question, one that denotes curiosity as to someone’s whereabouts at a particular point in time. These three, simple words can be presented in so many ways, asking a question out of pure interest, out of concern, and sometimes can even be extended to an accusatory manner.

These words can hold incredible meaning, especially when one asks about a specific moment in time. For example, when present for a historic event, you may find people often ask you: “where were you [when it happened]?”

This question got me thinking about the Boston Marathon.

One year ago, many of us were witness to a historic event – the Boston Marathon bombings. Quite frankly, it’s an event that will forever be hard to forget. So when I’m asked “where were you?,” I vividly remember being at my desk, watching the live stream video on my laptop, with so many thoughts and emotions running through my mind that I honestly can’t recall a single reaction. I’m sure others share similar stories regarding that initial moment of hearing / seeing / feeling the news.

This year’s Marathon was another historic event, though this was certainly one for celebration. The incredible number of runners that came out to compete required four heats, with the last one starting nearly two hours after the elite women crossed the start line. In what might have been one of the most anticipated events for runners and New Englanders, we watched as Meb Keflezighi (U.S.) and Rita Jeptoo (Kenya) set new course records, not to mention their personal bests. What an incredible moment when they each crossed that finish line.

Historic events don’t happen every day. But for two years in a row, the Boston Marathon has been the home to incredibly historic events. Last year, it was the Boston Marathon bombings, where so many lessons were learned. And this year, we watched a new type of history be made with astounding new completion records and an estimated $12 million raised for the nearly 30 charities represented.

So, where were you?

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