Tips from Behind the Scenes at Bloomberg Radio Boston

Tips from Behind the Scenes at Bloomberg Radio Boston

Last week the Publicity Club of New England got an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the Bloomberg Radio office in Boston. It was the first time, as a club, we were able to check out the inner workings of Bloomberg Radio Boston.

The tour provided attendees valuable insights and a unique view from the other side of the newsroom.

Bloomberg Radio launched in Boston in 2013, and while it’s a global source of financial news and extremely influential, many local PR pros still don’t completely understand how to tap into Bloomberg’s Boston audience.

Tips from Behind the Scenes at Bloomberg Radio Boston

Below are some of the facts, tips, and insights shared by a variety of Bloomberg editorial staff. If you were unable to join us on this tour, check out the highlights:

Fun Facts:

  • Michael Bloomberg encourages a calming atmosphere in all of the Bloomberg offices. That’s why all of the offices include an abundance of natural light and fish tanks!
  • Each Bloomberg office has a pantry for staff to snack on any time – for free.
  • Michael Bloomberg calls radio “his baby” and says he can get caught up to speed for the day by listening to Bloomberg Radio for 15 minutes every morning.
  • There are 400,000 Bloomberg terminal subscribers worldwide.
  • One reporter shared this story with us, “It’s the first place I’ve ever worked where someone was so nervous they threw up before an on-air interview.”

Top Tips:

  • A new business show will be launching in May in Boston, and will be hosted by Anne Mostue and Tom Moroney. They are looking for new guests in the business community for each week!
  • The local audience is primarily members of the financial community and people who care about Boston businesses.
  • Reporters are looking for news about Massachusetts-based, publically traded companies – not start-ups.
  • Even if a pitch doesn’t make it to an on-air segment, it gets included in the terminal and may be used for a print story.
  • Editors regularly receive irrelevant pitches – particularly human-interest stories. While they are fun and interesting, Bloomberg Radio Boston isn’t the right outlet for those stories.
  • All Bloomberg Boston reporters are covering money in some way or another – bonds, VCs, real estate, macro trends, etc.
  • Always pitch via email first! “There is nothing worse than being on-air and getting a call.”
  • The shorter the pitches the better, since reporters often get hundreds of emails a day. “Often you can say what you need to say in two sentences or less.”
  • Reporters are interested in stories about more companies based in Western Mass, not just Boston proper.

Insider Insights:

  • Once Bloomberg decided to combine all of their websites as opposed to keeping them separate, viewership skyrocketed. They now experience over 30 million unique visitors per month.
  • That number is growing as Bloomberg media expands to additional countries.
  • There are 150 unique Bloomberg news boroughs.
  • There are way more leaked stories from anonymous sources than anyone would have ever guessed.
  • Bloomberg is one of the most watched television stations in the world, in countries outside the United States.

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