Recent Grad Survival Guide: 3 Things I Learned During My Transition into the Professional World

recent grad

As a recent BU grad, here are three important things I learned during my transition into the professional world:

1. Procrastination doesn’t end in college.

As a soon to be graduate of Boston University, I have come across numerous personalities: students that won’t take their face out of a book to breathe Student-athletes who won’t leave the gym the partier that loves to have a good time, and others far in between.  However, what most of these students have in common is the fact they procrastinated at least one time in their academic career.  I’m guilty of it myself. But, I’m here to tell you that the professional world is not much different. Everyone procrastinates! The important thing is, that you get your work done on time. So, if you find yourself walking across that stage to receive your diploma, then it’s a pretty clear indication that you’ve mastered procrastination and will fit in just fine with your co-workers.

2. Emails hit your inbox faster than you can read them

In college, you became accustom to your phone buzzing like a hive of bees because of some group message you are involved in. Now, every time your phone goes off, it’s most likely because of an e-mail. You’ll find your self with e-mail trails miles long. And when you want to refer to an email you received days ago, you better believe that despite all your organizing, the email is still nowhere to be found.

3. Courses don’t teach you everything

Courses will teach you what you think is enough to land you that first job or seal your first client deal. However, the truth is, personality is just as important as what you know. Be personable, show your strengths, and more importantly be yourself.