Bell Ringer Awards: Some Exciting Additions for 2014

We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Bell Ringer Awards competition is officially underway.  To learn more about the process and submit your Bell-worthy work, visit the Bell Ringer Awards portal on our website.  As always we have some exciting additions for this year.  You have likely heard we have a fantastic new executive administrator, Megan Noonan, running the submission process for the Publicity Club.  You may have also heard that this year’s awards gala will be held at the Revere Hotel’s innovative Space 57 with a cocktail reception in the Emerald Lounge.

Another addition we wanted to be sure to highlight is a new award category we feel reflects the changing landscape of our industry—Paid/Earned/Owned Campaign.  To be eligible, a campaign must use paid, earned and owned media channels in an integrated way to increase public awareness while demonstrating the impact was greater than could have been achieved using individual channels.

From our own experiences and conversations with members it’s clear that public relations professionals are now charged with executing on coordinated campaigns that use multiple mediums to achieve a specific goal.  Similarly, content creation and aggregation has become hugely important as social media channels are now an organization’s primary means for communication with key audiences.  We hope the new category will be a great way to showcase this type of work.

View a full listing of this year’s categories on our website.  Submit your entries by March 14th, and we look forward to seeing you at the Bell Ringer Awards Gala on June 9th!

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