Get to Know the Bell Ringer Judges: Ani Jigarjian

Ani Jigarjian

Where do you work? Racepoint Global

What is your title? VP, Global Marketing & Business Development

How long have you judged the Bells for? This will be my second year

In addition to judging against the criteria provided, are there any things that you look for in a submission that would help make an entrant stand out against the competition?

Program objectives need to be addressed in detail in the results section. You stated your goals at the beginning, don’t forget to tell us that you achieved them (and measurement around it). Also, remember that results today aren’t about x number of new followers on social platforms, or the fact that you were able to secure coverage in a high-profile trade publication. What matters is the impact your campaign made for your client and the brand (examples: due to a piece of coverage in X publication, CEO is now invited to contribute his POV in Y publication on an ongoing basis, sales leads resulting from campaigns, change in stock market price, etc.). If you are entering into a category for best placement, then tell us a story. All the backend details matter for these types of entries. Some coverage may take a year to secure.

If you could give people one piece of advice when putting together a Bells submission what would it be?

Keep track of all the great things that you do for your programs in REAL time. Awards entries are sometimes written months after a campaign ends, and many times, you forget some of the successes along the way – whether it’s campaign details, a piece of measurement, or a client accolade.

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