Get to Know the Bell Ringer Judges: Laura Tomasetti, 360PR+

Where do you work?


What is your title?


How long have you judged the Bells for?

I’ve judged Bell Ringers for about a decade and also judge several national industry awards.

In addition to judging against the criteria provided, are there any things that you look for in a submission that would help make an entrant stand out against the competition?

I’m drawn to entries and programs that demonstrate a break-through creative approach, one that’s steeped in marketplace or audience insights and has strong brand linkage.

If you could give people one piece of advice when putting together a Bells submission what would it be?

Put yourself in the shoes of a judge who may be hearing about your program for the first time. Tell a compelling story right up front. What challenge did you overcome? Why is that significant? Be sure to very deliberately map results to objectives in the results section, as well. That makes it easy for judges to understand at a glance the impact of your work.