3 Benefits of Joining Pub Club as a Student

During my time as an undergrad public relations student at Boston University, I was always on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to complement my class work with real-world experiences.

I discovered the Publicity Club (Pub Club) of New England from a professor who was involved and was impressed by Pub Club’s commitment to developing up-and-coming communication professionals.

Beyond having it as an activity to add to my resume, here are three ways I benefited from joining Pub Cub as a student.


During my time in undergrad the most repeated piece of advice I received was “network, network, network.” It might seem obvious, but it was incredibly important in building my connections prior to entering the workforce. Not only for job opportunities, but also for connecting with people who may end up as future clients and agency partners.

The Pub Club’s series of networking events and professional development workshops provided me the unique opportunity to interact with senior communication professionals working at agencies and companies around the area, giving me a well-rounded network of people to reach out to in the future.

Constant learning

As I student (and still today), I was always of the mindset of “you learn the most by experiencing and seeing things.” The Pub Club provided me constant learning opportunities, even in the simplest of ways.

By attending various Pub Club events, I was exposed to and learned about various PR agencies and corporate companies in the New England region, giving me insight into what kind of office I would like to work in.

In addition to monthly programs, the Pub Club also offered the ability to reach out to other members, helping me learn more about the industry, the responsibilities for different job roles and title, and even setting up informational interviews.

Members of the Pub Club are student-friendly and want to mentor up-and-coming talent as they transition to the agency/corporate world.


One of the most beneficial parts of joining Pub Club as a student, was the increased confidence I gained, which I never fully acknowledged until post-grad. By putting myself in a situation where I was engaging with high-level professionals, I developed better communication skills and a belief in myself that I had the connections and knowledge to succeed in the communication field post-grad.

Additionally, as a student member I was eligible for the William M. Cavanaugh Student Grant – an annual $1,000 grant to a student attending a regional college and majoring in a PR related field.

Being the recipient of the 2015 student grant, I not only felt incredibly grateful but also confident in my abilities as a communication professional and ready to take on the “real world” with a new found confidence gained from my experience with the Pub Club.

These are just a few of the many benefits I experienced from joining the Pub Club as a student.

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