3 Tips to Prepare for Speed Pitching!

All signed up for our 4th Annual Speed Pitching event on Thursday? We’ve put together some key tips on how you can prepare!

Research the Reporters – Make sure you know who you’re pitching. Take time to research the reporters and their outlets before the event. Take a look at their recent articles and social media pages to see what topics they have covered recently and brainstorm how your client could be a fit for them. Here are the four amazing local reporters we have joining us:

  • Jim Rapoza, Senior Research Analyst, Aberdeen, @JRapoza
  • Kelly O’Brien, Tech Editor, Boston Business Journal, @BosBizKelly 
  • Jordan Graham, Business and Tech Reporter, Boston Herald,@JordanMGraham
  • Jesse Scardina, News Writer, Tech Target, @JesseScardina

Practice Your Elevator Pitch – Since this is speed pitching, you will only have about five minutes with each reporter. Make sure your elevator pitch, for whatever client you are pitching, is top-notch shape. Don’t be afraid to practice with a colleague beforehand!

Don’t forget business cards – This might be an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many people are rushing from work to these events and forget business cards – don’t leave the office without them!

Do you have any other tips recommend? Comment below!


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