Kicking off the 2017-2018 Pub Club Season

Thank you for making the 2016/2017 Publicity Club season a success. By attending our educational and networking events, supporting the Master’s Institute, connecting via social media, and participating in the Bell Ringer Awards, you have strengthened the communications community in New England. You’ve shared new contacts, formed new relationships, spread inspiring ideas, and celebrated your successes. I thank you for your time, energy and support in making it all come together.

Looking ahead, I can also say that now you are part of a legacy as the club heads into its 70th season and the 50th Bell Ringer Awards. In 1948, John J. Molloy, publicity director for the Chamber of Commerce, and Daisy Weichel, publicity director for the old Hotel Touraine, knew they needed a unifying, professional organization that would offer camaraderie, networking, organization, and credibility to their profession. Together, with Eleanor Collier, who distinguished herself as the grand lady of Boston University’s School of Public Communication, founded that very year; the late Floyd Bell; Marie Houlahan, who went on to become the club’s first woman president; and the late Bill Cavanaugh of United Air Lines, they created the foundation for the Publicity Club of New England.

Today’s club looks very different from the one 70 years ago… but our mission remains strong and focused on the same ideals established from the very beginning. Our tools have changed considerably, but our ethics and values stay true. And while the pace of our business has sped up exponentially, we still find time to slow down, connect, and learn from our past while charting an unknown and exciting future.

The 2017/2018 season is a galvanizing moment when we can all come together, reflect on how far we’ve come, and help usher in the next era of communication excellence in New England.  I will be staying on for a second term this season and look forward to reminiscing and celebrating with you. I am pleased to announce that Todd Graff – SVP, Director of Public Relations at CTP – is our president-elect this season, taking over as president for the 2018/2019 season.

We hope you will join us at our programs and Bell Ringer Awards as we aim to make our founders proud of our vibrant New England communications community. Please, share your ideas on how to help celebrate the 50th year, from sponsors to content. I look forward to hearing from you!



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