How to Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level

Social media platforms are changing daily, which means brands need to be able to quickly adapt their social media strategy. How do brands choose what social platforms they should be on? What platforms generate the most engagement? How do brands measure ROI from social?

All of these questions were answered at our “How to Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level” event last week. Weren’t able to attend? Don’t worry we’ve pulled together all of the awesome insight and advice that our panelists shared!

The panel was moderated by Francis Skipper, partner at Agency 451, and our panel of industry experts included:

Sabrina Cote, Digital & Social Communications Manager at HP Hood

Amanda Fountain, Manager of Social and Digital Strategy at LPP

Amanda King, Digital Communities Coordinator of Harvard Alumni Association at Harvard University


Here are the top five tips the panelists shared:

  1. Choose platforms for your brands based on your target audience. For instance, Amanda Fountain has a lot of healthcare clients so she focuses on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. Make sure your core messaging is consistent across platforms, but don’t be afraid to tailor it on Instagram or Snapchat which target a younger demographic.
  3. Pictures and videos get the best engagement. Pics get clicks!
  4. Advertising is becoming necessary on social media platforms, even if it just a small spend for a promoted post, all brands are starting to implement this in to their social media strategy.
  5. Using Snapchat for your brand requires a lot of time and content creation. Ways around this is to used custom geo-filters or host Snapchat takeovers with influencers, customers or employees.

Lastly, we will leave you with some insights from people who attended the event:

 “I thought it was super interesting to hear about the ways that brands can leverage Snapchat as a PR and marketing tool. This was something I hadn’t really thought about given it’s not a direct fit for some B2B clients – but definitely something to keep in mind when looking for new ways to be creative on social.” Linda Rosenblum, Account Executive, LPP

“Having panelists with perspectives from both the agency and in-house side made the talk relevant for all. We learned about how social media can play a role in just about every industry, from CPG to pharma to education.” – Grace Galloway, Social Media Account Manager, Agency 451

“I thought it was a great point is that paid social doesn’t need to cost a fortune and can be super effective!” Courtney Hines, Associate Account Executive, LPP