Content is King: How to Integrate Content into Your PR & Marketing Strategy – a Recap

Today’s newsrooms and PR/marketing departments move at a lightning-fast pace. How can you leverage timely trends to create content that both has “legs” and resonates with your key audience

?On one hand, we see the proliferation of media outlets available today, especially around the 

growth of podcasts. Yet, on the other hand we also see shrinking newsrooms and the growing importance of contributors. Our esteemed panelists tackled this topic during a recent discussion.

Moderated by Keriann Coffey, Manager of Wayfair’s Brand Content team, the panel of industry experts included:

  • Amber Plante– Content Marketing Manger for The Weather Company/IBM
  • Manny Veiga– Content Strategist for March Communications
  • Adam Ritchie– Principal of Adam Ritchie Brand Direction

According to Mashable, every minute of every day more than 347 blog posts get published. That works out to nearly two billion blog posts published each day. And that’s a lot of content for people to consume.

Here’s what our experts said to help make your content shine:

Know your audience. If you know your audience, you’ll be able to adapt your content to suit their needs. Experiment a little bit to see what resonates best and makes your audience come back for more. This also means that not every brand needs to be on every channel – go where your audience is.

Create style guides. To ensure consistency for your brand, create a style guide that envelops voice, tone and general writing style (like AP, for example). Don’t forget to include audio and visual guides to create structure for podcasts and videos now as well.

Maximize your content. Figure out a strong news hook and shop around content before publishing on your owned platforms. Offering something to media as an exclusive first gets your broader visibility than trying to pull people into your website. But, when you do publish content, do so regularly and on a schedule. People will come back for more when they know there’s something there for them.

Integrate dynamic content options. Test live video (like Facebook Live), build infographics or develop podcasts. More content options gives audiences different ways to consume it. Each content type can appeal to different audience segments and accomplish different goals.

Measure everything. Measure results after each campaign or content launch to adapt and improve. Once you can set benchmarks, focus on improving results over time by tweaking content. Depending on your goals, consider integrating other measurements as well, like sentiment and quality analysis. And, remember that you need to look at a broad picture – for example, you may get a lot of inbound web traffic, but if it’s not the right audience, it’s far less valuable.

Ready to try something new for your clients? Keep in mind that it’s not always easy to go outside comfort zones and leave tried and true methods behind. Giving client partners options on more creative content can help get them more comfortable with testing new things. No matter the outcome, innovation is always a good idea to move you forward to great ideas.

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