Seeking High Caliber Judges for the 50th Annual Bell Ringer Awards

The Publicity Club of New England seeks the region’s finest PR and marketing communications leaders to judge New England’s top campaigns from the past year for the 50th annual Bell Ringer Awards. Bell Ringer Award judges bring decades of experience and unique perspectives, deciding which companies and campaigns deserve top-ranks and coveted awards in each category.

Judges, who are experts, industry leaders, and visionaries, dig into the submission materials and ask the tough questions, such as:

  • How were sales driven by this campaign?
  • Did brand perceptions really improve?
  • Was the crisis handled in the best way possible?
  • Was this campaign truly visionary, or has the industry seen a version of this before?
  • How was the consumer insight unlocked and leveraged in an impactful way?

In addition to campaign work, judges may review other PR and marketing-related work, such as writing, video, website content, social media, events, and more. If you’re passionate about your work and you want to help us continue to raise the bar while celebrating New England’s agencies and organizations, we want you.

If selected, in the early spring, you will be asked to review one or two Bell Ringer Award categories, collaborate with at least one other judge who has professional experience like yours, and rate the work against provided criteria through a private, online system. We also host an in-person judging event in the early spring to thank our judges and provide an opportunity for networking and gathering to review submissions together, with judge partners.  

Becoming a Bell Ringer judge is a high honor, and you have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other judges who work for leading New England-based companies, agencies, and media outlets
  • Influence the PR and marketing industry by selecting and showcasing the most innovative work
  • Evaluate New England’s groundbreaking PR and marketing work
  • Gain inspiration and new perspectives from the work you review
  • Earn recognition as an industry leader
  • Receive a significant discount (50% off) on your individual ticket to the Bell Ringer Awards banquet in June

If you are interested in applying to become a judge, please submit this form by Dec. 8, 2017.