Get To Know Your Board Members: Kaitlynn Cooney, Member at Large

Where do you work and what is your title? I am an Account Executive at Brodeur Partners

What is your Twitter handle? Unlike most PR pros, I hardly ever update my Twitter! After tweeting for so many different clients, I barely have time to tweet myself. Instead, I primarily use Instagram: @Coondog333. I post about my travels, food, Boston and creative writing.

Briefly summarize your background. 

Education: I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University in 2015 where I had a dual major of Public Relations and International Relations with a concentration in diplomacy and national security. 

Professional Background: During my years at Syracuse University, I interned at a variety of different companies and public relations agencies. But once I found Brodeur Partners, I knew that I had found the agency that was right for me. After interning for Brodeur Partners for two years in the New York City office, I received a job offer from the firm once I graduated. I began working full-time as an Account Coordinator who specialized in multimedia creation and digital integration. I have been with Brodeur Partners full time for two and a half years and couldn’t be happier! 

Personal Background: I am a big fan of all things spooky, haunted and downright mysterious. That’s why I write short horror stories online! It’s a great way to sharpen my skills as a writer while keeping the creative juices flowing. My horror writing has even led me to develop and host a horror podcast—The Cursed Inn.

What kind of industry/clients do you work with? I work with a large variety of clients. From consumer-focused to B2B, I have my hands in everything. My favorite part about working with so many diverse clients is learning how to create a brand and a story that is unique and different for each client. I particularly love visual storytelling. Creating a video or a multimedia campaign for a client is a great way to engage an audience on an emotional and relevant level.

Describe what you do for Pub Club. I am currently a Member at Large for the Pub Club and I am excited to help my fellow board members with a variety of projects.

 Name your top three favorite things about PR. PR is a dynamic and exciting field. I love the fact that I can work on a consumer product multimedia campaign in the morning and then dive into media relations for a B2B company. My favorite things about PR: Fast-paced work culture, diverse group of clients, visual storytelling.

Do you have a childhood moment when everyone knew you’d be a communications specialist? As a cancer survivor I attended a childhood cancer camp each summer growing up. The camp was run by a wonderful nonprofit and received media attention each year. Whenever the reporters arrived on the campground, I would immediately run up to them and tell them about the stories I thought they would like to capture on camera. My parents always joked that I was a “camera hog” but I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be behind the lens. Media relations was always a big part of my life—even before I knew what it was.

What is your top getaway destination? I absolutely adore New Orleans. The jazz music, food and history are all major draws for me.

 If you could take a client to any restaurant in Boston where would you go? I would take my client to Buttermilk and Bourbon. I love the atmosphere, unique vibe and Cajun food.