Interview with 2017 Striker Winner, Deanna Haas

Congratulations! As the winner of the Striker Award last year, what did this award win mean to you personally?

I was incredibly honored to be recognized among my fellow New England publicists. My jaw actually dropped when my name was announced, and it was one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve experienced. It meant that all my hard work over the past two years was worth it…and that I chose the right field to work in! It showed me that what I’ve known for a while is true – as long as you’re passionate, you can achieve anything.

Where do you see the evolution of PR going over the next 5-10 years? 

I feel like everyone says this, but it’s true: PR training will include more social and digital strategy. Increasingly, organizations are looking for communicators who don’t just pitch media – they can maneuver photo editing software, create social content and more importantly, manage communities. I’d anticipate (and hope!) that universities will start incorporating more and more social media into curricula, so young PR pros – who, having grown up in the digital age, are already well-equipped to manage social media – will be even better prepared for their careers right out of the gate.

What are your top three favorite things about PR? 

  1. I love that a career in PR allows me to tell the stories of organizations and brands I care about.
  2. The sheer challenge of pitching and the sense of pride you feel when you can help a journalist tell a story.
  3. The balance between creativity and strategy.

What makes New England, and Boston specifically, unique in the PR industry? 

What makes Boston unique in the PR industry is the vast variety of paths available to publicists. Our city is known to be a hotbed for healthcare and technology, but you can also find so much opportunity for fashion, lifestyle, education, nonprofit, (you-name-it) careers. The market really is ripe for the taking.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone considering a career in PR, what would it be? 

Be hungry. That means learn as much as you possibly can, do multiple hands-on internships and let the idea of the future excite you.