Don’t Miss Our New Bell Ringer Award Categories for 2018

We are thrilled to have added four new, dynamic award categories to the Bell Ringer Awards this year. The categories are designed to reflect industry changes and highlight the breadth and talent behind public relations and marketing agencies as well as communications departments at organizations around New England. Read on to determine what work you can submit in one of our newest categories.

The new categories for 2018 include:

Influencer Relations: This includes working with and securing placements on influential third-party sites that are not media companies, such as subject matter expert blogs, social media “stars,” YouTube experts, etc. Content secured can include paid and/or earned media and should achieve the stated objectives.

Owned Media: A website, microsite, blogs, email marketing campaigns, and/or content created and designed for public relations/communications initiatives and written/conceptualized by communications professionals. Explain the achieved objectives of the owned media and include screen shot(s), URLs, and measurable results (i.e., visits, unique page views, leads, open rate, etc.).

Persuasive Material: This includes content created that’s meant to persuade and/or change thinking or perceptions, including speeches, op-eds, infographics, award entries, digital content, etc. This may include paid or unpaid initiatives, and the focus of this category is in the power of the piece to persuade, using language, compelling stats, or other content. Include any data that shows changes in perceptions, behavior, and/or opinions.

Content Marketing Campaign: A campaign that cohesively integrates different forms of owned media to accomplish stated objectives. The campaign may also include all or some mix of paid, earned, owned, and shared media, and should detail the strategy behind the original content creation. This campaign may also include initiatives designed to increase SEO and can include strategic brand/media partnerships. Include screenshots or URLs and metrics on traffic and leads generated.

We’ve also made updates to the following categories; the newly updated descriptions are as follows:

Social Media Campaign: A campaign created to leverage emerging and social media (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.) and engage with target audience(s) while achieving stated objectives. This submission should show how the campaign was creative and unique. Include measurable results attained. This can and likely will include the use of sponsored content and/or paid distribution / optimization because of the changing industry challenges of trying to do a social campaign without financial support. If video was a component or you have footage from your campaign, please submit the video files to our specs.

On-a-Shoestring Campaign:  A campaign with a modest budget – one that does NOT exceed $10K – that still manages to make a big splash and generate impressive results. Please include what your campaign budget was. We will NOT make that information public but need it for judging purposes.

Corporate or agency podcast: A podcast developed for an internal or external audience that supports the brand message of the organization or agency and helps it achieve its objectives. This may include leveraging earned and paid podcast integration into communications initiatives.

This year’s special 50th Bell Ringer Awards show will take place June 13, 2018 at The State Room in Boston. The gala will pay tribute to the Pub Club’s rich history while also showcasing today’s ground-breaking work through videos and visual representations to illustrate the “how” and “why” behind winning campaigns. The event will also feature a three-course dinner prepared by Chef David Blessing and spectacular views of Boston.

And don’t forget to start thinking about your nominations for professional awards, opening soon! The Striker Award honors an outstanding newcomer to the filed, the Ringer honors a devoted mid-level professional, and the Crystal Bell highlights lifetime achievement in the field of public relations. Nominations open in the next few weeks so be on the lookout!  

To view all the 50th Bell Ringer Award categories, please visit our categories page. If you have any questions relating to the award categories, or if you would like to learn more about the submission process, please email for more information.