Excellence is Always on Trend

When I was asked to write a blog post as a judge for the Publicity Club’s 50th annual Bell Ringer Awards, it seemed like an awesome responsibility. Sure, I’ve given advice on Bells before but, WOW, 50 years — that’s big and feels like there should be some big advice to go with it. 

However, as I reflected more, I kept coming back to the same basic principles I’ve touched on in previous years.

Yes, we live in an ever-changing world and technology has completely transformed our industry, but the key to award-winning work has always been good ideas and a standard of excellence. That won’t change.

In working on your entry submissions, ask yourself…

  • Is it innovative? How?
  • Has it made an impact? Can we document how?
  • Is it better than the competition? How?

From a technical standpoint…

  • Does your entry narrative include ALL required pieces? So very important.
  • Is your entry in the right category?
  • Have you made a clear case for why this work is #bellworthy?

Oh and last but not least – are there typos? Yes, this holds back winning entries sometimes.

The Bell Ringer deadline is March 9 (March 15 for late entries). Get recognized for your amazing work and be part of history – you could be on the winners list for the 50th Bell Ringer Awards. And that’s kind of a big deal.

See you at the State Room!

Lisa Brown is a Managing Director at State Street Corporation

Lisa Brown’s grandfather received this Bell in the early 1970s…it was before her time but the same principles applied. Now we have different tools, better looking awards, and a much bigger party!