When a Cookie Just Doesn’t Cut It

How to reward those amazing performers

You know the person… the one you can count on in a crunch. The one who’s always right. The one who’s got your back. The one who just gets it done, no questions asked. THAT person.

We all know someone like that. Maybe we give them a high five, bring them a cookie, or send a cute bitmoji as a way to say thanks. That’s great in the moment, and because he or she is THAT person, those little acknowledgements probably go a long way.

Here’s an idea – let’s really make a bold statement in support of the good ones… give them a formal nod of appreciation, some broader industry recognition, and an acknowledgement they can put on their resume. Yeah, that’s right, let’s nominate them for one of the Publicity Club of New England’s Professional Awards.

So for someone new to the PR industry, you can nominate him or her for a Striker Award (young professional of the year, with less than three years in the industry). There’s the Ringer Award, for the mid-level practitioner with 5-12 years of experience. Both of those awards will put some cash into the winners’ pockets.

Then there’s the John J. Molloy Crystal Bell for lifetime achievement. This is for someone who has been as amazing as they are now throughout their lengthy career. This might be an agency principal, senior executive, or another who possesses an extensive track record and distinguished credentials. All of these awards are due by May 1, 2018. Listen, even being nominated would be an incredible way to honor and thank your go-to person. So let’s get going. Though likely humble, I bet THAT person will really appreciate it. And it will last a whole lot longer than a cookie.