Three Words for 2015

I threw New Year’s resolutions out the window somewhere around 2008. I read a blog by Chris Brogan who introduced me to the Three Words concept. Don’t get me wrong, resolutions are ok (and I might still make a few from time to time) but I have found that choosing three words to focus on for the new year works a lot better for me, and maybe for you too!

Choosing three words can work however you’d like, but for me they are like themes, whether it is something I want to work on or be reminded of or perhaps a long term goal or something to look forward to. It changes from year to year. Whatever it is, people are not as likely to abandon their three words by January 17, the date by which many ditch their New Year’s resolutions.

So 2015 is upon us.

Here are my three words…

Confidence – I’m being perhaps a bit too transparent here, but this is something I have been working on my entire career and will continue to develop as a leader…I want to focus on it more in 2015 so I am making it one of my three words. It’s out here on the Internet so there’s no turning back now!

Present (as in being present and living in the moment, though gifts are nice too!) – A couple weeks ago I found myself telling my 7 year old, “just worry about today and we’ll tackle tomorrow when we get there.” Now, I am a planner and constantly thinking about the future so I was surprised to hear myself utter these words…but I also realized I should take some of my own advice.

In 2015, I will try to live more in the moment which means less multitasking (yes really, I will try) and a little less wondering/worrying about things down the road. The goal here is more appreciation for “today” and the special moments and rich experiences each day brings. #carpediem

Positivity – I’m borrowing this one from a leader I admire at State Street. His motto is “Relentless Positivity and Zero Complacency.” We can all benefit from a little more positive energy and I plan to make this a focus this year – in all aspects of life, at work and at home. If you catch me being a pessimist on a particular topic, feel free to call me ouoptimist definitiont!

Now it’s your turn. What are your three words? If you are willing to share, post them in the comments (if logged in) or, for bonus points, in your own blog post and share the URL on the Publicity Club of New England’s Facebook page or tweet it to me @lisaallenbrown and @pubclubofne Then tag a few friends/colleagues and ask them what their three words would be. Let’s get #threewords trending and keep the positive energy going all year long, well past January 17.

Happy New Year!


This post was written by Publicity Club Board Member Lisa Brown.

Twitter: @lisaallenbrown