Gearing Up For 2015 With New Year’s Resolutions

While the end of December was a special time to reconnect with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of the holiday season, for those of who logged a few days in the office it was also an ideal time to reflect on professional successes over the past year and consider some New Year’s resolutions.  Here are five suggested resolutions for PR professionals:

  • Expand Your Reading List. News and information are our currency, but too often I find we read top local dailies and trade media in our industry, and leave it at that.  Diversifying the news you consume can pique creativity and help you identify new outlets or story angles for your clients.  Who knows, the next big opportunity for your healthcare client could be in a tech publication.
  • Manage Client Expectations. Whether you work at an agency or in-house, it’s easy to let the urge to please get the better of us.  It can be challenging to manage the expectations of a CEO who thinks her new technology is worthy of a feature in The New York Times when we know it’s a long shot to even get picked up by a local blogger.  Just remember the old adage, “under-promise and over-deliver.”  And sometimes it doesn’t hurt to explain the process of pitching and how reporters and editors decide what to cover.  You would be surprised by how many brilliant people can be clueless about PR.
  • Embrace Work-Life Balance. You don’t need to read the latest study on the effects of too much screen time to know it’s not healthy to have your nose buried in your smartphone at all hours of the day.  Staying on a regular work schedule when possible and only responding to urgent emails after-hours is easier said than done, but can be important in maintaining personal relationships (not to mention health and sanity).
  • Get Out of the Office. Nope, client meetings don’t count.  Getting out of the office to attend professional development events or even meeting colleagues for lunch allows you to broaden your perspective and gain intelligence that can help you do your job better.  Not to mention it is great for networking.
  • Set 2015 Goals. Most of us are great about setting goals for our clients, but what about identifying areas of strength and weakness for your team?  And while a work anniversary is always a good time to reflect on your personal growth, the slow down right before the New Year is a great time to take a step back and set some key goals for the coming year.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2015.

This post was contributed by Rachel Gould, Associate Vice President, Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications