Your Time to Shine: Bell Ringer Tips and Myths

There are three days left until the first submission deadline for the annual Bell Ringer Awards (March 14, 2014) that recognizes the “best–in-show” for public relations activities in New England. You might be just thinking about entering or finishing your submission. I have been in both places. My desire to submit, countered by the limited hours until the deadline. Is my work worthy enough to submit and do I have 72 hours to write a remarkable submission? On the other hand, I recall investing the time and being in the final stages, reading over my submission for spelling errors and making sure that my campaign goals and outcomes were well demonstrated.

As you write your submission, keep in mind that the final late deadline is March 21. You will pay more in submissions fees, but the extra time will reflect in your entry and with your own reputation.

Over the years, the Publicity Club of New England has provided many Bell Ringer submission tips and debunked a few myths. Here are some to check out:

As mentioned in Blog #341, there are many reasons to submit your company for an award and the potential to win are substantial:

1. Your work is outstanding and deserves peer recognition.

2. Awards provide distinction among a crowded industry.

3. Awards build your own brand visibility.

4. They strengthen your relationship with clients.

5. They help with employee recruitment and build morale.

6. They attract new business prospects.

7. They grant you bragging rights and credibility.

8. You may have already submitted to other PR awards so your work is partly done.

Now that you have more tools and reasons to shine, go hunker down and write your submission.  The Publicity Club of New England will see you on June 9 at the Revere Hotel Boston to celebrate.

Maryanne Keeney is Principal at Maryanne Keeney Public Relations (MKPR),

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