Creativity Defined


In the PR world, we often discuss the value and importance of creativity. We look for it across our teams, seek it out in meetings and demand more creative approaches to our day-to-day activities. Can you think of a great way to tell this story? What’s an angle we haven’t thought of yet? What’s something new we can do to help our clients get more attention?

Throughout my entire PR career – and even in my new endeavor – I’m increasingly realizing that many of us may have overlooked a critical component to creativity. It’s not defined just by the ideas you have, but instead is also about how you think and how you apply those ideas.

We all know that no two people approach a similar situation the exact same way. That’s why meeting with a team to problem solve and brainstorm is so useful; we all come to the table with different ways of looking at a situation, different experiences that we’ve learned from as individuals. This helps us find answers and ideas we may not have come up with on our own.

In my opinion, I think many people don’t admit to being the “creative type” because they’ve been misinformed about what “being creative” actually means. The weather this winter has forced many of us to get creative, and once again, most residents in Massachusetts have proven their creative prowess.

With so much snow, our normal routines are no longer so easily defined. For some, it means increased amount of time working from home. For others, it’s planning for a significantly longer commute. And for others still, there may be new creative challenges that arise, like having the kids home on multiple snow days, losing power or trying to figure out where to put the next foot of snow when you’re shoveling.

So here’s my challenge for you as we power through the next few weeks of winter: get creative. Think of something new and fun to do with your kids when you’re all at home for a snow day – one of my favorite snow day memories when I was growing up is when my Mom set up the living room like a movie theater with buckets of popcorn and homemade ticket stubs that listed the movie showings for the day.

And take your creativity outside, too! Try snowshoeing or create a luge in your backyard like this family did.

And why not invite some of that snow inside? Make homemade ice cream with some of that freshly fallen snow.

Creativity isn’t just about what you do with the ideas you may have. It’s really about how you think.

Kristin Allaben is the President of the PubClub of New England