Tips and Resources Available for Entering the Bell Ringer Awards

As the regular deadline approaches for entering into “The Bells” (and 5 pm on March 20th for late entries), we hosted a live webinar on Friday, March 6, 2015 to share tips and resources. In it, we highlighted deadlines and fees, who to contact with questions, sponsorship opportunities, and a new, fun venue for The Bells ceremony. We also released a video on the awards software to help entrants feel more comfortable entering their work.

Presentation on Tips & Resources
Bell Ringers Awards Section
5 Minute Tutorial for Awards Entry Software (below)

Finally, with the announcement of the new venue – House of Blues Boston! – comes ample opportunities for agencies and companies to sponsor all or some of the event. If you are interested in gaining visibility for your brand at The Bells on June 11th, please let us know at

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