Pub Club Recap: A “Passcode” Into the Security Space

The Christian Science Monitor recently launched its new publication, Passcode, which will cover digital security and privacy in today’s hectic technology age. Members of the PubClub had the opportunity to meet with members of the Passcode editorial team on a snowy February night here in Boston, where we got a glimpse into their backgrounds, interests,[…]


The Ball’s in Your Court; How to Handle a PR Crisis in a Social Media Crazed World

On Tuesday night, I attended the Publicity Club of New England’s first 2015 event—Calming a Crisis in a Sports-Crazed World. It was an engaging event with a lot of great takeaways. One of my favorite parts was hearing the insider stories from the panelists. The panel gave great insight on how to manage a crisis[…]


Pub Club Recap: Calming a Crisis in a Sports-Crazed World

Earlier this week, I attended and photographed the Pub Club’s sports crisis communications panel, where key figures from the world of sports PR, marketing and journalism discussed how they handle situations in their establishments, as well as how they decide to write about them. As we all know, 2014 was a trying year for professional[…]

How Baby Boomers Can Turn Millennials into the PR Leaders of Tomorrow

News flash for Baby Boomer and Gen X managers/employers: there is hope for working with and effectively managing Millennials!  I recently attended the Publicity Club of New England’s Master’s Institute panel  entitled “Motivating Next Generation Leaders” which featured some great insight and highly animated discussion about the intergenerational dynamics of Baby Boomers (DOB pre-1964), Generation[…]

5 Strategies to Get Executives Engaged and Excited about Twitter

My June 2014 blog post focused on why executives should get involved with Twitter and how Twitter-savvy business leaders can help increase brand recognition, find talent and more.  In this post, I would like to outline key strategies that will empower executives to use Twitter as a business tool as well as position them as[…]

The Not-So-Subtle Art of the Buzzword

As brands look to inject themselves into industry discussions, many jump on the buzzword bandwagon in an attempt to catch the eye of reporters and potential customers. Often, it’s a great avenue to showcase expertise and provide insightful thought leadership. However, as your mother may or may not have told you, jumping onto moving vehicles[…]