Breaking Barcelona: Why Measuring PR Shouldn’t Include Sales

By Christopher Penn, Guest Blogger Last week, I posted a bit about my thoughts around measuring the ROI of PR by estimating the value of the audience PR creates. In case you missed it, the short summary of how to estimate the ROI of PR works like this: At the bottom of every funnel is[…]

What Is Social Media’s Role in Health Care?

By Mary Alfieri, Guest Blogger As social media use continues to rise, questions remain on its role in health care and the fine line between providing informed medical information and protecting patient privacy. Public health officials are still trying to identify the best way to do this, but in a big step forward this week,[…]

Countdown is On. What We Can Learn, Laugh and Love about Bell Ringer Night

By Katelyn Campbell, Publicity Club of New England With only a few more days left (4 days!) to the Publicity Club of New England’s 46th Annual Bell Ringer Awards, the enthusiasm for the Bells never ceases to amaze me. Our president Maryanne Keeney touched on the history in her post earlier this week and it’s[…]

Maya Angelou Helped Us Enjoy Great Content

I know what you’re thinking. Here comes another Maya Angelou tribute article. And even worse, one that comes a week late. This might be both, but while many have eloquently summarized her life and achievements as a poet, I’d like to take a moment to focus on her legacy as a communicator, and as a[…]

Four Questions Students Ask About PR Life After College

By Alex Parks, Guest Blogger Spring semester only means one thing for college seniors: time to find a job! I remember the feeling all too well, and had a vivid reminder of what it was like being four months away from graduating without a clear next step when I visited my alma mater, Brandeis University,[…]