Save the Date:

The Bell Ringer Awards
June 1, 2017
Revere Hotel’s Liberty Hall

OUR ADDRESS HAS CHANGED: Publicity Club of New England, PO BOX 415, Belmont, MA 02478-9998

The Publicity Club of New England’s Bell Ringer Award entries are completely electronic. Below is information about the awards program, as well as instructions for uploading your electronic entry. If you have questions about the entry process, please contact Pamela DeCoste at admin@pubclub.org.


The Bell Ringer Awards are open to:

  • All public relations and communications professionals in the New England region
  • Full-time undergraduate and graduate students at a New England college or university
  • Professionals outside of this geographic area who handle communications assignments for entities within New England

Applications for individual entries and campaigns must be submitted by the agency, organization or company that performed the work, regardless of current status of individual team members or client/agency relationships. For example, if an individual worked on a project during the eligibility period but no longer works with the agency, organization or company, the individual cannot submit for the Bell Ringers. However, the agency, organization or company can.

Eligibility Period

Entries must represent work completed between January 1, 2016 and March 8, 2017.


Professional Awards Deadline Extended to Monday, May 1.

  • Early bird entries must be finalized and submitted online here prior to 5 p.m. ET on Friday, February 3, 2017.
  • All Regular entries must be finalized and submitted online prior to 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.
  • Late entries may be submitted online here between 5:01 p.m. ET onWednesday, March 1, 2017 and 5 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. A late fee of $100 per entry will apply for entries during this period.
  • The competition will close and no entries will be accepted after 5 p.m. ET onWednesday, March 8, 2017.

Single-Item Entry

Member Non-Member Student
Early Bird (Feb. 3) $120 Not available No charge
On-Time (March 1) $135 $165 No charge
Late (March 8) $235 $265 $100

Campaign Entry

Member Non-Member Student
Early Bird (Feb. 3) $160 Not available No charge
On-Time (March 1) $175 $215 No charge
Late (March 8) $275 $315 $100


Each entry must be accompanied by payment. You can submit payment via credit card online when you begin your entry. Alternatively, we accept entry fees in the form of a check or money order payable to The Publicity Club of New England. If you are submitting multiple entries and paying by check, please include one check for the full amount and mail your check with a report of all your entries to the Pub Club’s mailing address below. Checks must arrive one week prior to the applicable deadline or your entry will be voided.

Publicity Club of New England
PO BOX 415
Belmont, MA 02478-9998

Online Entry Process

Please follow the instructions for your entry carefully. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. For step-by-step instructions visit this page.

Corporate Member Benefits

There are new corporate member benefits this year, which offer a discount on Bell Ringer entry(ies), depending on your membership level (bronze, silver, or gold). If you have questions about your corporate membership or would like to sign up for a corporate membership, please email us at admin@pubclub.org.


Award categories  are broken down into single item and campaign categories. Please note that a campaign may be entered in only one campaign category. However, any or all campaign elements may be submitted in appropriate single-item categories.

Entry Narratives

The Entry Narrative is required for your submission. This document provides all the details about your award entry, from research and planning to idea inception to activities and results. View the Entry Narrative page for more detail on what your narrative should include.


Please include your company’s logo as part of your online submission.  It is a Supporting Material. Logos will be used in the award ceremony presentation, and should be high resolution (minimum of 300 dpi) JPEG files. Do not upload client logos.

Supporting Materials

Campaign entries must include a minimum of three supporting documents to a  maximum of eight. Remember, your company’s logo MUST BE one of these Supporting Materials (See Logos). DO NOT include duplicates of the same coverage. For example, Associated Press stories that run in multiple outlets should be submitted once and accompanied by a list of actual placements. Single-item entries do not have a minimum requirement for supporting items, however, the maximum remains at eight.

For print materials, we strongly recommend uploading supporting materials as PDFs or JPGs. Please contact admin@pubclub.org with any questions.


The judges for the Bell Ringer Awards are distinguished members of the PR, marketing/communications, and media communities. Judges evaluate entries based on the planning, execution, and accomplishment of marketing and communication objectives, placing a high value on creativity and demonstrated results. To protect the integrity of the awards program, no judge reviews any category in which he/she or his/her agency or company has entered. All results are audited.


Entries failing to follow the guidelines and requirements outlined in the Call for Entries will be disqualified.Disqualified entrants will not receive notification or refunds.


Should two parties submit duplicate materials, whether in the same or different categories, only one entry will be accepted. Both parties will be notified and must respond within 24 hours as to which entry will stand. If no consensus is reached, both entries will be disqualified. While no content changes will be allowed, additional names may be added to the entry form to recognize the work of the other party.


At the awards ceremony, each Gold, Silver and Bronze winner will receive one engraved plaque along with certificates for up to six individuals who worked on the project. Merit award winners will receive one corporate certificate and up to six team certificates.

Please include accurate information about your team in the “credit section” of the online entry form. The Publicity Club of New England will use the information you provide to create certificates for your team. It is your responsibility as the entrant to ensure that the correct contributors receive credit and that their names, titles and affiliations are accurate.

If you would like additional certificates, they will be available for purchase after the awards ceremony starting June 15, 2017.

Award Ceremony

Awards will be presented at the 2017 Bell Ringer Awards Ceremony in June 2017 in both professional and student divisions. The Super Bell Award will be given to the outstanding campaign entry deemed “Best of Show” by a consensus of the judges. The highest scoring Bell Ringer Campaign/Student Bell Ringer Campaign Award winners are automatically entered into the Super Bell Award competition.

The Publicity Club will recognize recipients of the William M. Cavanaugh Student Grant, as well as three outstanding communications professionals with the Striker Award, the Ringer Award, and the John J. Molloy Crystal Bell (experienced veteran award).

Contact Information

If you have any questions about your entry, please contact:

The Publicity Club of New England

Bell Ringer Awards Administrator