March 24, 2014

Online Entry Process

Uploading Your Entries

All entries must be completed online. There are a few exceptions due to large materials in certain categories. Please read the category descriptions to determine if you need to mail a piece of your entry.

Please create and submit your online entries by clicking here!
Please follow these steps to upload your entry:
STEP 1: Review Your Entrant Form; cCreate a user profile.
You will only have to do this once and all your information will prefill for each of your entries. Multiple people from the same organization may create a profile HOWEVER, only the actual member will receive the member rate. See the Guidelines for more details.
STEP 2: Add Entry; create each entry individually.
Walk through each of the following the steps for each entry you are submitting before moving on to Step 3.
  • Insert your 50 word entry summary (campaigns only). If your submission wins, this will be read during the Award Ceremony.
  • List your team members/additional credits. If your submission wins, you will receive up to six certificates per entry in addition to the certificate that lists your company/organization. Please feel free to list all team members, vendors and departments that participated in the project. Please see the “Recognition” section of the Guidelines for more information.
  • Upload your supporting materials. Supporting materials MUST accompany your entry. Judges use these materials as part of the review process for your entry. Please provide a caption in the space provided for each upload and upload the items in the following order.
    • Entry Narrative (must be a Word or PDF document).
    • Your logo. Your agency’s, organization’s or company’s logo.
    • Supporting Materials (up to eight files may be uploaded to support your entry).

Please see Guidelines for more information.

Step 3: View/Edit Existing Entry; this section enables you to go back into your existing entries, print your entry form or submit your entry for judging. Draft entries may be updated at any time and will not be viewed by judges until they are finalized. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP!
  • Submit your entry for judging. You must submit your entry for judging for it to be considered “entered.” Entries must be marked COMPLETE by the deadline in order to be considered “entered.” To do this click on the status line of your entry. Follow the steps to complete the entry. If your entry does not have the minimum number of supporting items completed, then it won’t be eligible for submission.
Step 4: Submit Payment
Complete this step only after you’ve submitted all your of entries. You may pay by credit card online or print out the “invoice” and mail it with your payment to:

Publicity Club of New England
Attn: Pamela (Woodford) DeCoste
PO BOX 415
Belmont, MA 02478-9998

Please make your check payable to “Publicity Club of New England.” Checks must be received by the Publicity Club of New England at least one week prior to the deadline date. Checks not received prior to that time will result in disqualification.
Step 5: Print Entries
This step is not necessary unless you would like a copy of your entry form.