Getting Down to Business: Recapping the Pub Club’s Meet-and-Greet with the BBJ

On Monday, October 30th, the Publicity Club of New England got down to business with the Boston Business Journal. These events are my favorite because facetime is so valuable for PR and communications professionals. And, what better way to learn about what makes a story newsworthy than from the journalists themselves?  We had the opportunity[…]

Content is King: How to Integrate Content into Your PR & Marketing Strategy – a Recap

Today’s newsrooms and PR/marketing departments move at a lightning-fast pace. How can you leverage timely trends to create content that both has “legs” and resonates with your key audience ?On one hand, we see the proliferation of media outlets available today, especially around the  growth of podcasts. Yet, on the other hand we also see[…]

Authenticity, Audience and Budget – Panel on Video Content Discusses What’s Most Important

By the end of this year, video will account for 74 percent of all content on the internet. If that’s not enough to convince that that you should have a video strategy, then maybe the fact that using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19 percent. Currently, there is[…]

Masters’ Institute Fosters Real Discussion on Fake News

Although they seem like punchlines at this point, “fake news” and “alternative facts” are very real concerns for agencies, their clients, and the media. Social media as an increasing reporting tool, and attacks on the free press, have increased the pressure on traditional news outlets to defend themselves and find new ways to reach their[…]

Pub Club 2016: A Year in Review, and a Look Ahead

The fall of 2016 was an incredibly successful season for the Pub Club, with five programs under our belt. In September, we hosted our third annual speed pitching event with a focus on healthcare. Our fabulous panel included Shaun Sutner of SearchHealthIT, Jamie Ducharme of Boston Magazine, Anne Mostue of Bloomberg Business Radio and Jessica[…]

Event Recap: Learnings Behind the Scenes at WGBH

While everyone was giving thanks with family and friends last Thursday, members of the Publicity Club of New England were thankful for the in-depth, behind the scenes tour they were given of WGBH last Tuesday. WGBH might be a local broadcaster, but that doesn’t make them small. They have 11 public television services, three public[…]

Lessons Learned From Our Third Annual Speed Pitching Event

Last night was our first Pub Club Event of the season – our third annual speed pitching panel featuring some of the area’s top healthcare reporters: Shaun Sutner of SearchHealthIT, Jamie Ducharme of Boston Magazine, Anne Mostue of Bloomberg Business Radio, and Jessica Bartlett of the Boston Business Journal. In case you weren’t able to[…]