June 11, 2014

John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award

John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award

Professional Awards Deadline May 7 6pm ET.

For over 30 years, The Publicity Club of New England’s John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award has celebrated the achievements of New England communications veterans.

The prestigious John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and honors professionals with lengthy careers in communications and / or public relations, including agency principals, senior executives and others who possess extensive track records and distinguished credentials.


To be eligible, nominees must hail from New England and have demonstrated exemplary professional competency and conduct throughout their careers, including advancing the field of public relations. The winner must be present at the June Bell Ringers ceremony.


Judging the Crystal Bell is an esteemed panel of four professionals, including accomplished PR practitioners, a past president of the Publicity Club of New England, and a luminary from outside the PR industry (e.g., a distinguished journalist). In the event there is a conflict of interest for any judge, he or she will exclude himself or herself from the panel and an alternative judge sourced from the Super Bell Award Judge panel will serve as a replacement.

Judging Criteria:

To nominate a candidate for the Crystal Bell Award, please submit a 4-page overview of the nominee’s achievements, explaining why he or she warrants consideration for the Crystal Bell. Please focus on the attributes that distinguish the nominee from other candidates, highlighting the following areas:

Background (15 points) – Please detail the nominee’s background in the PR industry. A supplemental resume (or CV) is welcome, but not necessary. This information can be provided in bulleted format. 

Organizational Leadership / Mentoring (20 points) – Describe how the nominee provides leadership within his or her organization and how the nominee serves as an influential mentor to others within the industry. This may include published writing, speaking engagements and courses taught, for example.

Professional Leadership (15 points) – Describe how the nominee provides leadership to the New England PR community and / or service to the profession. This may include professional offices held, committees served and value delivered to the profession, among other examples.

Standout Achievement (15 points) – Please provide one example of a standout achievement from the nominee’s career to highlight, offering context and background around why this event served as a significant achievement, and highlighting the impact/outcome of the achievement (e.g., increased revenue, etc.).

Education Credentials and Professional Certifications (15 points) – Please provide a list of professional certifications, credentials, awards won, etc. This section can be provided in bulleted format.

References (10 points) – Provide two supplemental letters of reference or testimonials from colleagues and/or peers.

Supporting Materials (10 points) – Supporting materials are welcome, but not required.

NOTE – Additional information about the nominee, including credentials/certifications, references and supporting materials will not count toward the overview page limit. 

Notification – The winner of the Crystal Bell Award will be notified in mid-May, and the official Award will be presented at the Bell Ringer Awards Gala in June.

Past Recipients of the John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award – 

2017 – Laura Tomasetti of 360PR+

2016 – Philip A. Nardone Jr. of PAN Communications

2015 – Pamela A. Wickham of Raytheon

2013 – Michal Regunberg of Solomon McCowan

2012 – Joan Schneider of Schneider Associates

2011 – Janey Bishoff of Bishoff Communications

2010 – Larry Weber, Racepoint

2009 – Kirk Hazlett, APR of Curry College

2008 – Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz of Schwartz Communications (now Schwartz MSL)

2007 – Michael Doyle of RDW Group

2006 – Stephen Quigley, APR of Boston University

How to Apply and Deadline – 

To be considered, completed nominations must be submitted to admin@pubclub.org no later than 6 p.m. ET, May 7, 2018. The Publicity Club of New England is not responsible for technical errors in transmitting this application, and the deadline and decision are both final.

All applicants will be acknowledged. Any typographical errors, poor writing or incomplete sections may result in disqualification. All submissions become the property of Publicity Club of New England and may be used for publicity. Every applicant must accept these terms for the submission to be marked complete.

Thank You – 

We appreciate the time required to complete this application and we look forward to seeing both the nominees and nominators at future programs and events.

If you have any questions regarding the Crystal Bell Award, please direct all inquiries to admin@pubclub.org.