speed pitching

Lessons Learned from Speed Pitching

Earlier this month, the hosted a speed-pitching program with three Boston-based reporters and bloggers: Alex Weaver, managing editor of BostInno, Tom O’Keefe of Boston Tweet, and Cameron Bruns, founder and editor of Boston Green Blog and Just Us Gals. Here are their top dos and don’ts on pitching stemming from the speed pitching session: Do[…]

Speed Pitching 101: Keep it short, sweet and do your homework!

Earlier this week, the PubClub of New England hosted a “Speed Pitching” event where local PR professionals got the chance to connect one-on-one with some of the area’s most sought-after reporters. As most of us know, reporters are constantly being bombarded with pitches—some good, some not so good. So what does it take to stand[…]