Maya Angelou Helped Us Enjoy Great Content

I know what you’re thinking. Here comes another Maya Angelou tribute article. And even worse, one that comes a week late. This might be both, but while many have eloquently summarized her life and achievements as a poet, I’d like to take a moment to focus on her legacy as a communicator, and as a[…]

A Long Road to Reputation Recovery for General Motors

My family recently purchased a new car. The car needed to fit a toddler, several surfboards and a lot of gear. We passed on minivans and SUVs. We dismissed Toyota vehicles after learning of its 1.3 million car recall (sudden acceleration issues) and we did not look at General Motors. The automaker cut costs that led[…]

A Shift of Scenery with Office Move in Boston

Managing an office relocation is a lofty challenge. It is nearly a full year invested to scout locations, negotiate terms and select vendors for absolutely everything, not to mention navigating the unusual permits, rules, unions and quirks of our beloved city of Boston. Over the past year or two, many of our local PR firms[…]


The Power of Cross-Training in PR

By Megan Kessler, Publicity Club of New England If you’ve ever cross-trained to prepare for an athletic competition, then you know three things are true: Cross-training is uncomfortable – you’re using muscles that you may have never used before or that have atrophied over the years. Cross-training takes commitment – the results aren’t immediate. You[…]

Are Clichés in PR Writing Ever OK?

By James Young, Guest Blogger Anyone with extensive academic or professional writing experience has been warned about the hazards of using clichés. In the world of tech PR, we’ve explained why jargon and mumbo jumbo in particular are more common than they should be. The cliché is a distant cousin. One journalism professor of mine thought so little of[…]

Four Questions Students Ask About PR Life After College

By Alex Parks, Guest Blogger Spring semester only means one thing for college seniors: time to find a job! I remember the feeling all too well, and had a vivid reminder of what it was like being four months away from graduating without a clear next step when I visited my alma mater, Brandeis University,[…]